Community and School Celebrate New Fitness Center

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A new state of the art fitness and dance center is set to open in Durrington on the grounds of the Avon Valley Sports College, and the school as well as the local community are celebrating its arrival. The Facility is set to be a gym and dance facility, and has been supplied for free as part of a revenue sharing scheme put in place with supplying company Competition Line. The cost of the new facilities is set to be around four hundred thousand pounds, and looks set to play a role in enhancing the active learning ethos that has been adapted in the area.

 The project has been built on the grounds of the college, and looks set to easily cater for everyone within the 10 mile radius it was originally intended for.  What this means for the center is around twenty thousand potential customers using the facilities on offer.  Opening day is almost upon us, and the center should open in the first few days of 2012.  The company behind the range of 33 machines supplied to the gym is Technogym, which is the same company that was contracted to supply equipment for the 2012 Olympics in London.

 There is a second structure also under construction, which is the dance studio that will be added to the facilities available at the gym.  With all the facilities available at the center, such as a multi-use games area for netball and indoor football, and a cafe for refreshments, the center is set to be a hit with the local community.

 Taking on the project was a simple choice for the college.   The facility is using space that was previously left open and without use by the college.   The equipment in the gym is state of the art and is able to be used by both disabled and able bodied students, and in return, the college simply has to open the doors to the public after school hours.  To add to the reward of the venture, there have been no minimum income requirements put in place, meaning the college is not forced to overwork the facilities.  With public sector cuts in place, this venture could see the college spending budget increased back to normal levels through the year.

 For those still debating whether to join or not, the facility has been made far cheaper than those in the local area, and as an additional advantage anyone who joins the fitness facility before the end of the year will pay no joining fees at all.