Taking a Closer Look at RubberDeck

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When it comes to sports flooring, the number of products in the marketplace seems to be increasing every day. This could leave some purchasers with more information than they originally wanted, but there is a solution that could cover almost every need that a sports facility could have. Products such as RubberDeck by Signature Sports Flooring come in rolls and interlocking tiles, and is easily tailored to suit any sports facility’s needs. As well as the two basic options, RubberDeck is available in many thicknesses, and it is easy to see why so many recreational centers, gyms and sports facilities have chosen it for their flooring needs.  Below is a closer look at what RubberDeck has to offer to anyone who chooses to fit their sports facility, gym or recreational center with the product.

RubberDeck comes in a range of different models, with each having been designed to handle a certain set of tasks. The size and scope of the project will also play a major part in which RubberDeck product you should be choosing to buy. With large or permanent installations, it is recommended that RubberDeck rolls be used, as they are available in both 6mm and 8mm thicknesses and are far easier to tailor to a specific room shape. For small and temporary installations, it is normally recommended to choose the interlocking rubber tiles, also known as puzzle piece tiles, that are quick and simple to assemble on the site.

When you look at all of the companies that have chosen RubberDeck, you will notice that the majority of them are sports facilities of some kind. RubberDeck is a suitable flooring solution for weight rooms, gymnasiums and even fitness centers. In some cases, it has even been used as part of the common area flooring. RubberDeck rubber sports floors are an ideal solution for these high traffic areas, as they have an extremely high resistance to the wear and tear that is associated with high traffic and heavy weights.

RubberDeck also comes in the form of TrackDeck, which is a superior force-reducing, ball-rebounding and super-impact resistant flooring solution, or can be used as a running track indoors and outside. In some cases, it has been installed as an indoor tennis court, an indoor jogging track and even at ice rink perimeters. The product comes in various total thicknesses, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm, which each have its own set of recommended applications suitable to its strengths. Making you flooring unique is as easy as choosing one of the many color options that are made available come purchase time. For sports arenas that are home to teams, this is great is the sporting spirit can be consistent all the way through the facility.

For those of you who want that little bit more, RubberDeck is able to be customized to your exact specifications. You can even have your teams logo put into the flooring, or simply make a custom color. Unlike some other options of sports flooring which stick the logo on top of the flooring leaving it exposed to the elements, Signature Sports Flooring make the logo part of your flooring. In short this means that your beautiful logo is now under the same protective barrier that is offered by the rest of your flooring. RubberDeck uses a water-jet cutting machine to make sure that your logo is replicated in perfect fashion as part of your flooring, with no mistakes like printing.

If you are looking at enhancing the environmental-friendly nature of your facility, RubberDeck is an ideal solution. RubberDeck qualifies your facility for LEED credits, as it is built from one hundred percent recycled materials. The flooring also offers that beautiful seamless appearance, superior sound absorption and of course great slip resistance, no matter where it is installed. Each different thickness of RubberDeck flooring has its own set of values when it comes to just how much resistance they can hand out. Going for the thinnest option will still beat most flooring competitors, but it is recommended that high traffic areas and those that suffer larger impacts have the thickest RubberDeck possible installed.

With a range of products that have been designed to handle a massive amount of different commercial applications, RubberDeck is just one of many products that can be tailored to suit your sports facility’s needs. Other products offered by Signature Sports Flooring include TrackDeck, SignaDeck, SignaFlor, SignaFlex and SignaFlex Aqua. Signature Sports Flooring has designed each product to have superior performance in high traffic and high impact environments.  Whether a permanent or temporary solution, RubberDeck is now the main port of call of so many sports facilities, and the research and development just keeps getting better and better.